a group project from Lena Schlechte and Sarah Pfeiffer

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“fewr” is an app designed for people who have too many photos on their smartphones, adding value to old and forgotten photos by giving the user a new personal photo feed based on their emotion of the individual day.


“fewr” uses the Environmental Metadata your phone already collects while usage to determine your location, the weatherm temperature, the people you are with and the time.


It also looks at your Digital Activity to determine your likes and dislikes and to find out what is most relevant to you at that moment.


On the left side you can see a Sentiment Analysis of songs that are found on Spotify. It is devided into four categories on two axis (Energy and Valence).  You can sort photos in a similar way: They are sorted into four categories (aggressive, euphoric, melancholic, calm) by looking at parameters like temperature and brightness of colour and the overall orientation of lines in the picture.

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The user gets a recommendation of photos based on their emotions during the day. If they are interested in knowing why they got these specific photos recommended, they can scroll down and discover their daily mood. By clicking on “your mood in pictures” they can discover a more detailed summary of their mood in pictures.

The search feature is voice controlled and provides real time search results.