Sibling relationships are supposed to be the strongest, emotional relationship that humans have in their live, regardless of whether they are negative or positive feelings. What makes this relationship so special? Is it the flesh and blood? The common upbringing? Or cultural occurrences? In this visual Essay I worked with different sibling constellations in order to examine the different codes of this relationship.

Sophie Allerding: Sehnen und Bänder. the decoding of a relation. 16 Fotografien, Analog-Mittelformat, C-print. Aufgenommen 2018–2019 in Hamburg. Entstanden als Semesterarbeit im Kurs »Freie Themen, Familienportraits«, betreut von Prof. Linn Schröder. Ausstellungen: Kunst in der Börse 2018, Handelskammer Hamburg; Der Apfel fällt, group exhibition, Frappant Gallerie, Hamburg 2019. Publikationen: Kunst in der Börse 2018, Ausstellungskatalog; The Decoding of a Relation, collaboration with Eliya Eshet, self published photobook 2020.