It is said that the years between 18 and 30 are the most intense in life. Mostly you can remember them well for the rest of your life, because this time, with all obstacles and decisions, has a decisive impact. Unlike puberty, when it comes to the question “Who am I?” growing up asks “Where do I want to go?”. It’s like a journey where you do not know the destination. That is why the transit zone between youth and adult- hood is also called the Odyssey years. My portraits are of adolescence.

Sophie Allerding: Odysseen. 24 Fotografien, Analog-Mittelformat. Aufgenommen 2018 in Hamburg. Entstanden als Semesterarbeit im 7. Semester im Kurs »Freie Themen«, betreut von Prof. Linn Schröder und Irina Ruppert. Ausstellungen/Publikationen: Kunst in der Börse 2018, Handeslkammer Hamburg.