Nothing exciting is about the fear of missing out, it comes out of having the ability to constantly see what’s going on through social networks. This can give us the feeling that all around us exciting things happen, that we are just constantly missing. In a globalized world in which I can be virtual connected to everyone, everytime, reality starts to be filled with existential boredom and loneliness.

Sophie Allerding: Nothing Exciting. The decoding of a relation. 15 Fotografien, C-print. Aufgenommen 2018 in Hamburg. Entstanden als Semesterarbeit im 6. Semester im Kurs »Freie Themen, Familienportraits«, betreut von Prof. Tana Capo und Prof. Linn Schröder. Ausgezeichnet mit: Add Art Award 2019. Ausstellungen/Publikationen: Groupexhibition Add Art 2019, Hamburg.