A group project from Daria Behrens and Antonia Hofmann
„EX“ is an app for people who just broke up and doesn’t want to be reminded of their ex-partner, but would like to keep the pictures they have. To see how it works, have a look at our prototype video.

use case

With the help of a small dialogue in the beginning, our app is able to identify 3 different emotions: sad, angry and happy in order to provide personalized interface. We use different colors for each emotion, and also different hues in order to cheer user up or on the contrary to calm him or her down.

Emotion recognition

We use different loading screen animation.

Loading screen animation

And we use different words to approach a user.


Angry- Interface

For those, who want to have more control over the app we introduced settings, where a user can choose to delete entire picture instead of just removing an ex-partner, have yourself repositioned and other options.