This piece was funded as part of the ‘Digifem’ 2019 that took place at Kampnagel Hamburg. A quirky and shaky metal giant on rollers is entering the scene. Pretending to fall over any second it stands pretty steady for its off centered stature. With multiple screens attached in its crown it lures spectators into its midst. When standing under the creature, presenting its fruits to the crowds, the view becomes clear: It shows the fragile tunnels and abysses of the human digestive system*. A view made possible through technological instruments. — This piece raises questions on how we perceive our insides and what we stick into them when necessary. Cynically it shows us recordings of ourselves that we might not want to see and simultaneously opens the window for the exploration of our insides. Humorously the construction aims to meme the passages inside us forming a somewhat humanoid hybrid between both worlds. Showing that physically and mentally we become more and more dependent and interconnected with technology.
*The videos playing on the tablets are from colonoscopic examinations on human beings.

Amyra Radwan: Intruder, 2019. Video sculpture, 3,5 × 3,5 × 3,3 m, steel tubes, tablets, industrial wheels, stainless-steel boat railing arms. This sculpture was produced as a Semesterarbeit in the 6. Semester during the workshop »Gender & Diversität neu erzählt«, supervised by Sarah Gorf-Roloff.