Videos from social feeds, dating apps and makeup tutorials are played on the mobile devices that are stuck through the acrylic bodies. They become a projection surfaces. As empty shells these bodies have lost their individuality and self-determination. They hang from the ceiling on butcher hooks, becoming a passive product, reproducing the vicious circle that female bodies still have to endure today. This installation was funded as part of the ‘Digifem’ 2019 at Kampnagel Hamburg. 

Video of the sculpture

Amyra Radwan: Host 0 → 5, 2019. Video sculpture, 100 × 40 cm, Acrylic resin, steel, secondhand smartphones and tablets, chains, butcher hooks. This sculpture was produced as a Semesterarbeit in the 6. Semester during the workshop »Gender & Diversität neu erzählt«, supervised by Sarah Gorf-Roloff.