Introducing AiMi

an artificially intelligent mirror

AiMi is an artificially intelligent mirror which helps users to try on new outfits with ease.  

AiMi Floating Phones

AiMi Screens Isometric

Thanks to AiMis underlying smart algorithms finding the right outfit has never been easier. Simply take a photo of yourself and of the garments you’d like to try on and let AiMi do the rest.

AIMI in action

You don’t own the clothes you’d like to wear? No Problem!

Since AiMi generates 3D Objects out of 2D Images you can simply visit your favourite online shop to capture the desired fashion Item and add it to your virtual wardrobe. 

A Mobile App for everyone!

Mobile App Explanation

How it works

AiMi uses context-reinforced semantic segmentation techniques to isolate layers and detect what parts of the image are be relevant.

Image showing Segmentation Process

To generate accurate renderings of desired fashion items it combines a 2 dimensional image of a fashion item with a 3d model of the human body (STAR) which accurately matches the user measurements (inputs are made in the settings section) in a generative adversial network model (GAN). The output is rendered as a 3d model with PifuHD, then aligned to face the front.

Image displaying GAN workflow

The generated 3D Models can be mixed and matched and aligned to the Human Body Model (STAR). The textures are regenerated based on the various inputs and segmentations and then added to the final render.Image displaying 3d Models


AiMi is a proof of concept and not a working project. But the afore mentioned technologies and principles are tested and working. So Aimi could definetly be built with the sufficient amount of time and  knowledge in machine learning and 3D technology.